Hazel Li

Hazel completed her degree at HuaiNan Normal University, specialising in Early Childhood Education. After four years of targeted study, she mastered the comprehensive  professional theory of preschool education.
Right after her graduation, Hazel has worked in a Singapore government nursery for four years. She is an adventurous individual and has travelled extensively across Southeast Asia. She loves children and enjoys developing meaningful relationships with her students. Her passion in being a learner herself, has led her to set up classroom with provocations that are research based, encouraging children to question and explore their environment. She enjoys reading books that are related to the early years. Hazel also believes that books are key to developing children’s imagination and creativity. She has introduced yoga into children’s physical sessions and used it as a tool for relaxation and learning.
In her time away from work, Hazel enjoys travel, photography and sporting activities.
She is enjoying her work immensely Huili Nursery Hangzhou and looks forward to collaborating with teachers. For Hazel coming back to China and, teaching in Huili Nursery is a fantastic opportunity for her to develop her understanding and knowledge further in early years education.