Helen Li

Helen Li graduated from the Department of Early Childhood Education from Hubei  Polytechnic University. During her internship period she was assigned to the municipal kindergarten, she was fortunate to be retained as a full-time kindergarten teacher by the government one year ahead of schedule. Familiar with the developmental guidelines for children aged 3-6 in the early childhood education program, she obtained her kindergarten teacher qualification certificate. In her educational career, she was exposed to the theory of early Sino-US teaching and participated using in-depth practical knowledge. Two years ago, she co-founded a well-known high-end early care institution in Hangzhou with Spanish overseas Chinese and, Irish linguist. Her experience so far had her interacting with international teachers from around the world and gave her a unique opportunity to share course development work, best practises while building on her mangement skills. These diverse experiences have given her valuable insights in the field of early childhood education. At the same time, she is now giving deep thought to the bilingual teaching methodology and is incorporating new ideas into her own teaching practise. She believes that in the process of getting along with the child, one must also develop a rapport that involves understanding and listening to the child. She is looking at  building great memories and lasting bonds in the early years .