Jacob Burton

Hailing from the picturesque region of Cheshire, Jacob previously worked in a specialist school for ASC (Autism Spectrum Condition) ranging from 5-18 and from non-verbal communication to high functioning computer geniuses/genii. Whilst there hedelivered everything from GCSE English to primary Music but his main focus was English.

Having completed a degree in Law and English he went on to pursue English literature and was awarded a EU funded Masters looking at the bi-lateral influences of Law and Literature as a means for social development. His dissertation topic looked at Murder, Insanity and Coveture in three mid-19th century novels. After completing this he commenced his PGCE in Secondary English and received Outstanding against all of the teaching standards. Whilst on this course he completed research projects addressing inclusion in the mainstream classroom and utilising new technologies to support teaching and learning; these projects are working towards his second Masters degree (in Education) for which he is on track to receive a distinction.

Due to his literary background, it will come as no surprise that Jacob love books and literature as they are a gateway to countless lives and adventures, to experiences new highs and lows. It is this experience that he wants to share with Wellington students. His own English teacher passed this passion onto him and he wants to bring English alive so that all children can develop their own passion for the subject.

His other hobbies include Canoe Polo, Rugby (playing with his local team) and going to the Gym.