Jacqueline Speer

When she was younger, Jacqueline thought kindergarten was a time of joy and possibilities. As an adult she has built upon these early understandings through 18 years of advocating for meaningful, high quality education for young children both at home in Australia and China. This global platform enabled Jacqueline to gain an understanding of international-mindedness, and the importance of developing this in young learners.

Jacqueline is particularly interested in innovative, research based pedagogy, which was the focus of both her Bachelor and Masters of Early Childhood degree. Jacqueline passionately believes children learn at their best from an authentically responsive curriculum that validates their interests as worthy of investigation.

When Jacqueline is not working – supporting her daughters – or caring for animals, you can probably find her cooking. She enjoys using ingredients from all over the world in her passion for trying and tasting new cuisines. The most important part of cooking to her is its collaborative nature, with lots of fond memories of baking with her grandmother, mother and sisters.