Joseph Goulder

Joseph has worked in Early Childhood Education in Australia for over 15 years, and furthermore he has been fortunate enough to travel the world teaching and working in remote communities within the education sector. A highlight of his teaching career thus far; was working in Japan for a period of 5 years. During this time he traveled around teaching and exploring the many wonderful prefectures and getting to know the different people and communities. Although teaching was not his first choice of career, (studied for 2 years to be an architect), he is glad that he had the opportunity early on in his studies to undertake this path, and is grateful for the support given to him from family members, university lecturers and employers over the years.

As mentioned previously, his tertiary education took a swift turn from a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture at University Of New South Wales, to a Diploma in Social Services at Petersham College of Education (early years education), and then undertook a Bachelor’s Degree majoring in Art Theory, Art Practical, Psychology and Drama at The Australian Catholic University. This degree was to pursue a working environment which focused on working with disadvantaged and children with differing abilities through focusing on art therapy. After a few years in this field he returned to Sydney University to complete his Masters of Teaching (early childhood).

Joseph has a passion for the environment, and his dissertation on sustainability in early years education has been used as a model with several Australian council centers. He has had articles published in early childhood periodicals, and continues to explore new and exciting teaching techniques and methods which enable and engage children.

When he is not working, he likes to relax by heading to a beach and surfing with family. Though when the weather is not favorable for this, then his spare time is spent with his family (wife and son who have joined him in Hangzhou) exploring new and exciting places through travelling overseas, camping, hiking and photography. When he does have a spare minute to himself, he likes to relax by constructing scale models (sci-fi panoramas and cars mainly), and teaching himself (slowly) guitar.