Joyce Chen

Joyce holds a bachelor’s degree in Music Education from the Hangzhou Normal University, she has the prestigious honour to be certified as a Senior National Teacher of Music. She started her career as a music teacher at the Hangzhou Yangtze River Experimental school, which follows the Orff’s Music teaching method, this differs from the traditional primary school music class curriculum. Her teaching practices have more interaction with music and better engagement set out for the students. In August 2016 she undertook a Master of Teaching and Curriculum at the Syracuse University, New York. This change in her research focused on the education system and, the differences between Chinese and American curriculums. This was an ideal opportunity for her as it helped her understand how to deliver the Chinese curriculum in a Bilingual setting while also building on inclusion skills for children at varied levels in the class. In May 2017, she was selected to participate in Literacy, Inclusion, and Diversity at the Roma Tre University in Italy, which was sponsored by the education faculty at Syracuse University. Her love for learning drives her to constantly reflect on her teaching and learning practices at Huili too. In her spare time, she enjoys the natural outdoors environment through hiking and jogging for mental and physical wellbeing, but a good cup of coffee and a nice restaurant are her biggest weakness.