Judy Zhu

Judy graduated from Beijing Normal University, from the Department of education. She completed a two year degree with art as a major, in the early years. She has worked with Beanstalk international School, Canadian International School, HOK and JOYEL. Her work experience  spans across 16 years of teaching. As an individual Judy finds happiness in simple things, like walking through a park or listening to music. She is passionate about children and she thinks her life has so much purpose as an educator. Judy loves spending time with her family however, her daughter is currently in high school in Beijing, while her husband travels extensively as a project manager with the China World Trade Center property. In her spare time, She likes reading, swimming, baking cookies and traveling with her family. She takes pride in transforming leisure time into serving the community and  you can often find her spending time at the old age home. Judy finds immense happiness in helping others and making a difference to society.