Justin Chamberlain

Justin has been a teacher for fifteen years after completing a four year BA (hons) degree at Leeds University in England.

After teaching for three years in England, Justin decided to enter international education and taught in Malaysia for nine years and Nepal for three years before moving to Hangzhou. Throughout this time he was fortunate enough to teach children all the way from 3 years old to 16 years old, across a range of subjects.

Despite teaching this large range, Justin kept coming back to his passion of Early Years teaching. He loves seeing the wonder in children’s eyes as they encounter new experiences and explore the world around them. While working with children in the Early Years, Justin has helped introduce woodwork into his classroom settings and has developed language acquisition skills amongst children.

Through his interest in woodwork skills and introducing controlled risk into the classroom, Justin discovered Forest School. He spent time in his previous school helping to introduce the key concepts of Forest School and Outdoor Learning into the whole of Early Years and Key Stage 1.

Outside of school Justin has a keen interest in a variety of modern board games. He helped found a thriving board game community in Kathmandu and enjoys playing a range of roleplay games as well. Justin loves the social nature of these games and how they give people a common interest to connect in an age where we are too often attached to devices even when with our friends.

Justin also enjoys playing the guitar, cycling and SCUBA diving. He pursued SCUBA whilst living next to the beach in Malaysia until he became a BSAC Dive Leader, giving him the opportunity to lead dive groups and dive to depths of 50m.

Justin is excited to be joining Huili Nursery. He has already seen the passion the school has for the children in its care and looks forward to both teaching and learning in this new and growing environment.0