Kate Fowler

Kate is in her 4th year of teaching after earning her teaching license in the state of Iowa in the United States. For the past 3 years, she was teaching in Yangon, Myanmar, where she had the opportunity to work with students and staff of many diverse backgrounds.
Kate has a passion for anthropology and learning about other cultures. The desire to experience culture firsthand has sparked a love of travel.
Kate’s other hobbies include exploring new cuisine (both cooking and eating) and spending time outdoors hiking and cycling. She brings these interests into the classroom and firmly believes that children learn best when they can experience the outdoors as much as possible. She believes that when children are allowed to explore natural environments, they are deeply stimulated mentally and physically, and they develop an understanding of their place in the world. Through outdoor exploration, they can practice a vast range of skill sets and nurture a sense of independence and wonder.
Kate is thrilled to be joining the Huili School at Wellington College. She is excited to be coming in during the years shortly after the school’s opening, where she can make an impact and help the school grow. She hopes to share her passion for exploration and play with her students and colleagues.