Katherine Houghton

Katherine is a Teacher and advocate of Early Years with over 10 year’s experience working in Buckinghamshire, UK.

Katherine began her career in Early Years following the birth of her first child. At this time, she studied for a diploma in Early Years before embarking on her PGCE in Early Years at Oxford Brookes University.
Her teaching career began with setting up and working in a new nursery within a school setting. Katherine then joined and worked in a large brand new school for a number of years, where some of her provision was published in Kirstine Beeley’s Early Years books. Katherine later took on a leadership role at a small village setting using an inquiry led approach where she supported staff in training and development.

Katherine’s pedagogy is aligned with the Huili Identity, she will instill a passion for lifelong learning and motivation in children through her specialist knowledge of facilitating play, setting up a high quality learning environment, objective led planning and in the moment planning.  Katherine places a high value on outdoor learning, especially child led, where children can learn so many new skills including raising their self-esteem, develop their divergent thinking skills and collaborative skills.
Katherine has attended many professional development conferences and training courses in the last 10 years around the UK focused on Early Years and is dedicated to researching, reading and lifelong learning. Katherine writes blogs and articles about Early Years helping others gain clarity about current issues and developments within Early Years. She will be looking to start her Masters in Early Years Education as soon as possible and would like to go onto do PhD.

Katherine comes to Hangzhou with her husband and three young children who are equally excited to be learning about different cultures and developing their skills. Katherine is passionate about cooking and creating new dishes for her family and friends and will bring this passion into her classroom as well as contributing on the food committee within school.