Kirsty Cheang-Ryan

Before becoming a teacher, Kirsty studied Business Management and French at the University of Stirling, including a year at the École de Management in Strasbourg. She graduated with a distinction in spoken language and went on to work in Malaysia where she taught French in secondary school and supported primary learning. Kirsty then began working with a number of international schools in South-East Asia, delivering outdoor education and team building events across the school. Having operated an independent events management company in Singapore, she worked with a small group, focusing on business development but missed the daily interaction with children. Education, was always calling, so she soon returned to the UK to complete teacher training at the University of Aberdeen.

Kirsty has experience in schools with many bilingual children from all over Europe as well as other schools in Asia. She strongly believes education should have the child at the centre and that a team of good teachers working with a well-balanced curriculum will allow for each child to shine as an individual. Kirsty became a teacher for this very reason; she enjoys helping children achieve.

Kirsty has a passion for languages and at home she enjoys speaking French, German and Spanish. Now that she lives in China she is trying her hand at Chinese. In her free time she enjoys spending time outdoors, running and hiking. She is also a qualified Assistant SCUBA Instructor and loves to spend time under water when given the chance.