Laura Jane Perry

Laura worked as a Senior Deputy Head for 3 years, having previously held roles of Senior Teacher, Head of department and specialist Science teacher within Hertfordshire, England.  After being awarded a distinction in her Postgraduate Certificate in Education, Laura taught secondary science before taking on the challenge of completing a Graduate Certificate in Chemistry Education, enabling her to teach both Biology and Chemistry to A-Level.

Laura later took on a role at a preparatory school and completed her level 3 Forest School Leaders qualification and implemented the concept of Forest School within the curriculum from Reception to year 6. Her passion for the outdoors was utilised in helping to set up forest school toddlers groups and also working with other schools within the county to develop their own outdoor curriculum.  She strongly promotes the use of the outdoors to inspire pupils to explore beyond their own perimeters, gaining a sense of self and independence.

Having had a broad view of the education system from 4 to 18 years, Laura has gained knowledge and expertise in understanding the progression of a child’s learning journey. She strongly values key characteristics, such as resilience, that can be developed through education and enable children to reach their potential.  With a previous career in the Mental Health team, Laura is acutely aware of the importance of positive mental health and pastoral care within education and strives to ensure that every child under her care is equipped with the necessary skills to ensure a positive and bright future.

Laura has always enjoyed challenging herself, both physically and academically.  She has successfully completed the London Marathon and has recently started learning how to play the saxophone.  In her spare time, Laura enjoys travelling with her family, experiencing the variety of cultures and environments that the world offers.