Lydia Cheung

Ms. Lydia Cheung is the Financial Controller of Italian luxury fashion brand INNIU. She is a visionary finance professional with extensive technical knowledge in international luxury fashion industry that she previously worked for Burberry, Dolce & Gabanna and Balenciaga. Ms. Cheung has been appointed as the Non-Executive Director of Wellington College International China Management Ltd since 2016.

Lydia has more than 20 years of financial management experience in the United Kingdom and Greater China. Her expertise anticipates strategic investment, optimize capital structure, budget control, implement financial recommendations to achieve business objectives and enhance sustainable long-term shareholders value and profitability.

Lydia graduated at Queen Mary College (University of London) with a BSc. (Hon) Statistics and also holds a MBA degree from Oklahoma City University, USA. She practiced as an auditor in London after graduation. Lydia is primarily based in Hong Kong. Relocated to Shanghai in 2008 for luxury brands working and living across China, Hong Kong, London and Italy. She is married with one daughter who is a graduate of The Wellington Academy UK and is currently starting her Postgraduate in Luxury Brand Management.