Lyzette Li

Lyzette is currently pursuing her Master’s degree from The University of Queensland, majoring in Curriculum and Pedagogy (Educational studies).  This degree enables Lyzette to follow her interest in the development of children’s identity and build a sense of belonging through globalisation. She is a qualified Secondary teacher in Australia where she taught Visual Arts, Accounting, Physics and Mathematics in various schools throughout Queensland.
Lyzette is a member of Reggio Emilia Australia and regularly attends the organisation’s research meetings to discuss current issues related to teaching.  She is also a trained in both Montessori Internationale (AMI) and Steiner Education Australia (Waldorf education). Therefore, her professional development in various educational settings gives her a comprehensive understanding of curriculum design and teaching pedagogies.
Before Lyzette stepped into education, she had graduated from the University of New South Wales and worked in the design industry for years.  Her work includes architectural design, stage and prop design, industrial design, graphic design and wedding planning. Lyzette’s interdisciplinary background has given her a flexible, versatile and innovative mindset to pursue her passion for research-based education with very young children.