Mia Hu

Mia holds a bachelor’s degree in English from Jinan University, Guangzhou and gained her master’s degree in Education Management from King’s College London in 2014. Following her education, she began working at a commercial bank for two years. This provided her with valuable experience in finance and working in a bilingual environment as she dealt with international clients from different parts of the world.
During the time Mia spent working in finance, she came to realise that her passion was in education, and she therefore sought to pursue a career within this field. She began teaching young children as a language trainer in Hangzhou. This experience allowed her to reflect on her personal philosophy of teaching and, inspired her belief that; to provide a good education, teachers must enable children to think independently while equipping them with the ability of being lifelong learners.
Mia has lived in Hangzhou for over ten years and enjoys the great outdoors. In her spare time you will find her hiking and taking long walks along West Lake. Mia likes to relax by engaging in crafts and painting. Her friends admire her kindness, open-mindedness and easy-going nature which are key attributes that she brings to her teaching practices too.