Michael Parr

Michael graduated from the University of Sunderland with a degree in biomedical chemistry where his love for science in practice became apparent to him. He then went on to do his PGCE in chemistry at the University of Manchester, carrying out placements in 2 of the best schools in the North West of England. Michael is a specialist secondary science teacher with experience in A-level chemistry teaching. His teacher career has taught him the pedagogy and classroom management skills that will enable all students to become the best scientists they can be.
Through different personal and professional experiences Michael aims to provide an inquiry based education system in his class and the department which will enable to students to encounter the ‘wow’ moments at every given opportunity. Michael is a firm believer that science education is not just words on a page or reading a book but about experiencing science first hand, remembering that moment forever. He also hopes to create a cross-curricular community at Huili which enables the best of science to be taught through all areas of the school to support the children in their journey in science.

In Michael’s spare time he has a love for Manchester City Football Club and spent many years in England as well as Europe following them to show his support. Football is just one of Michael’s interest as well as hockey where he has represented England u18s. Michael now plays both football and hockey for fun in his free time but enjoys the coaching aspect of the game allowing him to experience success as a coach in football. He took his previous schools to an English school boys semi-final, alongside being crowned Manchester u16 champions. His coaching in hockey allowed him to coach an English premier league side for 2 years.

Michael is extremely excited to be part of Huili and Wellington and in particularly educating young people through the Huili/Wellington values and identities. He loves living in Hangzhou. He feels this is a great opportunity to develop his teaching skills with some of the greatest students in the world and to collaborate with some of the best teachers from around the globe.