Neelam Taufeeq

Neelam has worked as a primary school teacher for 5 years. She completed a Law degree at the University of Leeds before undertaking a PGCE in primary teaching.
Throughout her teaching career, Neelam has been fortunate to experience teaching in a range of schools within Yorkshire, UK. This has provided her with a good insight into different methods of teaching and understanding cultural diversity.
Neelam has previously taught in an international school in Egypt where she worked as an Early Years teacher. This was a fantastic opportunity for her to broaden her horizons and gain first hand experience of teaching English as a second language. She enjoyed exploring the historic and modern attractions that Egypt had to offer during her time there. Neelam’s passion for understanding child development in the Early Years began in her third year of teaching. She initiated her research on how young children learn and, was inspired by the educational philosophy of Loris Malaguzzi.
As an Early Years teacher, Neelam passionately supports Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and believes that children need a safe, warm and loving environment where they can feel a sense of belonging to fulfil their learning potential.
In her spare time, Neelam enjoys travelling and experiencing different cultures. She has also dedicated her time in the past to helping the homeless in England and personally distributing gifts to poor children in Egypt during festivals. She enjoys cooking and reading the work of inspiring writers such as Maya Angelou and Jhumpa Lahiri.