Rhoda Zheng

Rhoda majored in international tourism management and hotel management. After graduation, she has been working for international hotel groups and the world’s top hotel alliance organization. She has been engaged in administrative management, public relations and brand development for nearly 7 years. At the same time, she has two years of experience in bilingual education for young children and adolescents. It was during the two years contact with children aged 2 to 15 that she realized that early education has a profound impact on children’s future growth and Rhoda developed a strong interest in early childhood education. Rhoda believes that only by getting along with children with sincerity, equality, empathy and trust can children’s growth experience be optimized. Before officially joining HUILI school, she worked as a part-time teaching assistant for Wellington academy and as a support teacher for nursery school.
In her spare time, Rhoda enjoys reading books on philosophy and psychology and watching films on criminal investigation and law. She loves hiking, traveling, cooking and art however, she especially enjoys spending time with her family and pets.