Suzy Shi

Suzy initially studied early education at Zhejiang university, and four years later, went on to complete her degree in psychological at the Hangzhou,  teacher university. This Major built a foundation for her to observe and evaluate children in their natural learning environment. Suzy had all the training for an educator however, she went on to pursue a certification in educational leadership, in 2013. After graduation Suzy taught at the Hangzhou public kindergarten, where she continued to work for 15 years and developed various professional abilities. In 2016, she had a life changing moment, when she was given the opportunity to serve as an assistant to the principal in a bilingual school close to Ningbo. During that time she gained experience in various areas of the school, from curriculum management, to activity planning and administrative management. She believes these experiences will help her inspire children at Huili Wellington Nursery. Suzy is looking forward to her role as a Chinese teacher,  and, new ideas to encourage learning in her classroom. Suzy’s goal this year is to participate in all the professional development the school has to offer so that she can further build on her strengths. In her spare time, she reads books related to her interests and enjoys travelling to explore ancient Chinese and foreign architecture.