Yuli Jin

Yuli Jin received her BA degree in Early Childhood Education from Zhejiang Normal University and then completed her MA degree in the same major at the University of Sheffield, UK. Whilst studying, she actively participated in practical work related to Early Childhood Education. She worked as an intern teacher in many excellent kindergartens within Zhejiang province while studying at Zhejiang Normal University. During her MA degree, she served as a volunteer teaching assistant at the University of Sheffield Students’ Union Nursery, Confucius Institute Summer School for Children and a at Greek nursery located in Chios. These experiences broadened her horizons and largely contributed to her understanding of Early Childhood Education.

Yuli is particularly interested in the design of Early Years spaces; as a result, she researched this topic in her MA dissertation combining it with educational policy. In addition, she has been involved with STEAM education after participating in the MakEY project in Sheffield.

As an Early Years Practitioner, Yuli loves interacting with children and always encourages children to express their ideas. She enjoys playing a scaffolding role to support children’s development and assists them in finding their own potential. She believes that Early Years settings play a critical role in children’s learning, almost like ‘the third teacher’. For her, the ideal Early Years settings can make children feel secure, at ease, welcome, confident and have a sense of belonging.

In her spare time, Yuli enjoys reading, travelling, watching movies, cycling around West Lake, and taking photos. She is also interested in learning new skills, such as new cooking methods, oil painting and Japanese. Yuli is looking forward to becoming a member of the Wellington family.