Yumi Chen

Yumi completed her Bachelor of English Degree in Taizhou University in 2017 and then finished her Master of Education (Comparative Education and International Development) in the University of Edinburgh in 2018. Before graduation, Yumi had already confirmed that her future lies in the teaching profession, as that is where her passion is.
Throughout her degree, Yumi developed her English language, both written and spoken. Her time in the UK also helped her to  embed her knowledge.   Aware of the limits of book knowledge, she has actively sought out real life work experience during summer time, such as spending a summer vacation teaching migrant workers’ children on behalf of the Volunteer Association; joining an international volunteering group to teach as an early year teacher in Sri Lanka; as well as being a professional listening teacher at Hangzhou Global Education.
In her postgraduate period, Yumi mainly concentrated on educational research, specifically in multicultural education and digital education. She conducted a comparative research  project entitled ‘Multicultural Education in Two Preschools in Hongkong and Hangzhou’ as her dissertation and participated in research called ‘Children’s Thoughts on Teaching Automation’ from the Center for Research in Digital Education at Moray House.
In her spare time, Yumi enjoys taking pictures and she is considered to be a proficient photographer.  She is also passionate about traveling, and she has already been to over 15 countries.
Yumi is excited to be given the opportunity to join the staff at the Huili Nursery Hangzhou.