James Gong

James graduated from King’s College London with a master’s degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, and a CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) qualification. He acquired his bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature at Hangzhou Normal University, and was awarded the title of “Outstanding Graduate of Zhejiang province”.

James has taught English in quite a variety of contexts as an intern while studying. Some of his experiences include Stone IELTS institution, Cambridge International Centre, and International House London. These invaluable teaching experiences have helped him become a more confident, self-reflective and professional practitioner. He has a consuming passion for things unknown and has a strong willingness to improve himself on all levels, especially regarding his teaching skills. He reads ELT (English Language Teaching) journal articles online on a regular basis, and attends various conferences, lectures and Webinars.

James is a great public speaker as well as having strong debate skills. He has participated in numerous English public speaking contests, and has obtained multiple awards and honors at provincial and national levels. As a founding member of the English debating team at HNU, he exhibited great eloquence, criticality, and wide scope of knowledge. James is also an avid fan of politics and international relations. During his study in London, he attended various lectures and panel discussions regarding these themes, where he shared his insights and even debated with many scholars and experts.

James is an outgoing and considerate person. He loves making new friends and meeting old friends. During his spare time, James often watches NBA games and plays basketball with friends. He  also likes reading, travelling, watching movies, and going to the gym.