Zoe Ye

Zoe has been working in education for over 20 years and has her Master of Education Degree from Suzhou University.

Throughout her career, Zoe has worked in a variety of locations, both within China and in America. She has taught students from a multitude of different backgrounds and has led classrooms in both Chinese and English for students from grades 1 to 12. These experiences have been essential in sculpting her perspective on international education and ways to integrate students from different backgrounds and cultures into a collaborative classroom.

For the last several years, Zoe has been responsible for the administration of two different international schools, including overseeing the PYP application and authorization process. She has also overseen the implementation of the Model Design, a program designed to increase communication and collaboration between administrators, educators and parents.

Outside of education, Zoe is an avid reader and enjoys opportunities to immerse herself in different cultures and experiences. She has had the privilege of visiting several countries and experiencing multiple educational models.

Zoe is a passionate educator and believes that communication, collaboration and inclusiveness are three of the most important aspects of a successful school. By incorporating all members of the educational structure, and by giving voice and agency to each, she believes she will be able to create the best environment for growth for her students and staff.