Thoughts on the Philosophy of the Primary School

I chose to work in education because I see education as the key to the future. I believe that it is our duty to try and make the world a better place and that the best way I can do this personally is to have as positive an influence over the development of as many young lives as possible.

If educators the world over follow this philosophy, then year on year, the young adults that leave our schools will be good people with good values, who will enrich the lives of others and will make the world a better place for everybody.

A good school must help its pupils develop into successful human beings and into successful people and who have confidence in their own ability. In order to have maximum impact, the pupils must have as much influence over others as possible, and for this to be the case then they must be as successful as possible in whatever sphere they choose to pursue their career. So, the school has a duty to equip pupils with good moral values, self-belief and the knowledge and confidence to build successful careers.

As a school leader I see it as my duty to ensure that Wellington College Hangzhou Bilingual Primary does just this; that it encourages, nurtures and guides its pupils on their journey from Early Years, through to Junior High, Senior High and beyond into adulthood.

Key to this is having staff in the school who fit in with this philosophy and who also understand that each child is an individual, that each child is different and that each child is equal. They must also demonstrate those beliefs through their actions.

Many schools say they believe in this philosophy – but often this is not what we see when we visit those schools; to me it is hugely important that in Wellington College Bilingual Hangzhou Primary this is fact, not fiction.

Everyone in our school community, needs to understand that success can mean very different things to different people. However, we should always do our very best, whatever is required of us, whether in an area of strength or not.  That said, I expect talented musicians to be encouraged to excel; talented sports players to excel, also artists and academics. In fact, whatever a pupil is good at; I expect Wellington College Bilingual Hangzhou Primary school, like all other parts of the College, to help them develop further and to develop real excellence in that field.

We must equip our pupils with understanding and empathy so that they are good at communicating with and understanding others. We also need our staff and school community to model these characteristics, which are so valuable in all spheres of later life.

We must also ensure they develop their ability to think, to reason and to make their own decisions and to stand by them. For me, this is one of the most important and exciting things about working at a Wellington College Hangzhou.

Also integral to me is to consider the Wellington College core values which are promote to their pupils; Courage, Respect, Integrity, Kindness and Responsibility. These values must fit with those of our school community. They are excellent values around which to build a successful life.

Wellington College Bilingual Hangzhou Primary will be happy place – pupils and staff should look forward to going to school each day! However, it will also be a place that challenges pupils and staff to improve every day as well.  Neither the perfect school, perfect pupil or the perfect teacher exists – there is always room for improvement. Wellington College Bilingual Hangzhou Primary will be a place that allows pupils to experiment – to try different things, to take part in many clubs and activities to try to find where their passions lie and to discover more about themselves.  And a place where we understand that children can learn through mistakes as well as successes.

There is far more to a school than the pupils and the staff that work there – a school is a community that must be inclusive of the families that its pupils belong to and also of the surrounding area and it is the duty of a good school to be a positive influence upon its community and surrounding area. The most successful pupils come from a background of pupil, parents and the school working together in a harmonious partnership – where there are mutually held values, care and trust. Wellington College Bilingual Hangzhou Primary will foster these partnerships.

The best schools have teachers who are facilitators and guides as well as teachers – for there is so much more to education than memorisation. Every teacher must care about the personal development of pupils and strive to guide them to be the best person they can be and also to discover new things each day. I deliberately say discover rather than teach, for I see the teacher as someone who should challenge, question and inspire their pupils to find out things for themselves rather than tell them things. They must also be skilled at helping their students find out the answers to those questions.

Wellington College Hangzhou Bilingual Primary will also ensure that every pupil gains a body of knowledge and facts that will be useful throughout their life; and in order to do this they have a good understanding of the best way they learn – so that they understand their learning style, are best able to maximise their academic performance and enjoy learning in such a way that it becomes an integral part of their life. So that they really do become lifelong learners. We will expect our pupils to excel in examination performance -able to demonstrate their knowledge in examinations but also in other ways and, not just because they have studied for to pass examinationsFinally, I believe in the international nature of our global community and that it is a duty for the citizens of the future to be able to communicate with people from all parts of the world – so I am truly excited that Wellington College Bilingual Hangzhou Primary will give its pupils the gift of bilingualism. I am certain that this is something that every pupil will grow to appreciate and be ever thankful for.