What’s special about our exciting STEAM lab?

Dear pupils,

So glad to meet you again! This week, I received lots of feedback from friends about their National Holiday. They not only discussed about their travel experience but also measured the travel distance by strips on the map. Looking at these colorful travel routes marked on the board, I can’t help imagining the next wonderful journey. Now, Let’s enjoy the fantastic moments shared by our friends.

In Huili Nursery Hangzhou, campus life is as wonderful as holiday life. Do you still remember the “new friends” that I am going to introduce? They are living in our STEAM lab. Now, come and follow me to see who they are.

Wow, what are these inside the box? Let me figure it out with a magnifier.

Whose lock is broken here? Let me use the tools to do a careful check.

Mums and dads if you have any disused things such as watches, radios and phones in your home, please feel free to given them to us, I would be very glad to help and repair them for you.

This is a microscope, it will let me see very tiny things.

Is this a robot friend? His eyes are so special, it’s transparent! What amazing skills he has!

Dear pupils, come and join my STEAM lab and let us start our new exploration journey together.


Letter to parents:

Learning disposition is an important part of promoting child’s lifelong learning. It includes child’s generative cognition, existing skills and learning attitudes. It also includes, but not limited to, the ability to observe and analyze, ability to trace past experiences, courage and curiosity, trust and amusement, persistence and perseverance, etc.

In the process of stimulating child’s potential learning disposition, you may:

  • share what you see and what you hear with your child to expand child’s interest and recognition of the world
  • encourage child to lead his/her own life, offer him/her some chances to choose or make decisions and tell child to be prepared to take responsibility for every outcome
  • guide child to set learning goals step by step
  • collect and record child’s learning process to further expand and deepen child’s exploration through reviewing