Welcome to the New Huili Pupils

Orientation Days are a fantastic experience for new pupils, and the excitement at starting a new school year was visible on the faces of the incoming cohort of the 2019-2020 academic year. It was a chance for the new pupils to have their first school experience on campus, get to know their way around the school in advance and be better prepared for their new academic year. With eyes sparkling with excitement and faces covered with bright smiles, the pupils spoke of their eagerness to start an amazing new school year.

Mr. Paul Rogers, Executive Master of Wellington College Hangzhou, and Mrs. Helena Xin, Principal of Huili School Hangzhou expressed their warmest welcome to all the pupils and their parents before introducing preparatory matters in regards to starting school.

House tutors were introduced, too, presenting to the children information about their different Houses.

Orientation Days were a great chance for the pupils to locate their classrooms and Houses, introduce themselves to their classmates through ice-breaking activities, and get to know their new teachers. It only took a little while for them to join this happy community. Classrooms rang with their laughter, adding a cheerful atmosphere into this vibrant campus, that had been a buzz of activity over the summer preparing for the new school year.

As pupils collected and tried their school uniforms on, a sense of pride welled up; children as seem in official start of year school photos. The photos that pupils took in their uniforms, left a wonderful memory of the Orientation Day.

It is time to wave farewell to our terrific Orientation Day and embrace the new academic year. We expect every pupil to be ready to try their hardest, become a well-rounded individual and a strive to be a better version of themselves in Huili School Hangzhou.