The Wellington Hangzhou Community attends ‘The Sound of Music’

Winter is (it seems) always a school season full of expectations in the Wellington College community. By the end of the year, all the Wellington College schools are very busy rehearsing their annual events which often include theatrical performances and Christmas concerts. For schools so dedicated to not only academic excellence, but also pupils’ personal development and growth, theatrical performances are some of the most important events the Wellington Community calendar. This year, the famous 1959 musical ‘The Sound of Music’, a feast of performing art more well known for its 1965 film adaptation; was performed at Wellington College International Shanghai. And at Wellington College International Tianjin performances of ‘The Caucasian Chalk Circle’ were also warmly received by audiences.

On December 9th, the Wellington College Hangzhou team invited more than 20 groups of prospective families to Shanghai to appreciate the Saturday matinee performance of ‘The Sound of Music’ at Wellington College International Shanghai, which was performed by a cast entirely consisting of Wellington College pupils. This trip provided an opportunity for members of the Wellington College Bilingual Hangzhou community to participate in this fantastic event, as the newest member of the Wellington China family.

Staff at Wellington College International Shanghai were hospitable, extending their warmest welcome to their Hangzhou guests. Mr. Paul Rogers, the Executive Master at Wellington College Bilingual Hangzhou and Mr. Gerard MacMahon, the Executive Master at Wellington College International Shanghai made their welcome addresses upon the arrival of the Wellington College Hangzhou community members, before they sat down to enjoy a lunch especially prepared by the professional catering staff at Wellington College International Shanghai. In Mr. Rogers opening remarks, (after photos were taken of the assembled group), he reflected, “I can’t help but imagine that a few years later, when we look at the photographs taken today, we will remember what a very special moment this is. This is the first time that such a large group of our family has come together; prospective students, parents and school staff. We say in our school Vision that we wish to create a caring bilingual community – and today is evidence that we have already started that journey together”.

Mr.Gerard MacMahon (center), Executive Master at Wellington College Shanghai, made a welcome address with Mr. Paul Rogers (right), the Founding Executive Master at Wellington College Hangzhou.

Following on from Mr. Rogers welcome, Mr. MacMahon explained that “performing arts play an important role in the education at Wellington College schools. During the rehearsing process, pupils’ language competence and their understandings on culture, their self-confidence as well as their spirit of teamwork will be significantly enhanced. We hope that all the prospective families can imagine their own children doing the same incredible performance on Wellington College Bilingual Hangzhou’s stage in the future”.

Our Hangzhou guests toured the Wellington College International Shanghai campus prior to the performance.

The very best facilities provide a platform for the very best learning environment for pupils and parents were delighted to see skillful, creative works of art and academic artifacts created by pupils line the halls of the school, representing pupils’ individuality and also providing an example of the great talent fostered within each Wellington College school.

Following the tour, our guests arrived at the Wellington College International Shanghai theatre to enjoy the ‘The Sound of Music’. Despite having a capacity of 500 people, the theatre was fully booked, highlighting the Wellington College community spirit of supporting the performing arts. As soon as the graceful melodies of ‘Do-Re-Mi’ and ‘Edelweiss’ started, the audience hushed. The fantastic acting and singing performances, along with the professional stage-work, props, choreography and costumes, all demonstrated the professionalism of the teachers and pupils in the Performing Arts and the Music Department at Wellington College International Shanghai.

This trip to Wellington College International Shanghai to participate in one of the key Wellington College community annual events provided prospective families the opportunity to experience firsthand the close and harmonious relationship among the members of Wellington family of schools and Wellington College community members. It represents the beginning of a fruitful relationship with our prospective families, and the start of our journey in creating a caring, bilingual community at Wellington College Bilingual Hangzhou.