Why is woodwork an important part of our Nursery activities?

In the aim of creating more opportunities for the development of all aspects of our pupil’s abilities, Huili Nursery has created specific areas for pupils to explore, and we have recently developed a new woodwork area.

Whether in the outdoor activities or in the carpentry area, Huili Nursery encourages children to explore and discover in a real natural environment to practise and develop pupil’s abilities.

This week, we had training on how to use the woodwork area by Mr. Justin. Mr. Justin has a wealth of experience and enthusiasm for woodwork. He has set up the area and has educated the children on how to use it, he has also helped them become familiar with the various tools. During our training, Mr. Justin introduced the rules and instructions of how to use the woodwork area in great detail.

The children have been displaying the Huili values when using the new area, they have found it challenging yet they have been courageous in trying out new tools. We have been very proud of the pupils for displaying patience and for being responsible by tidying up the area after they have used it.

Woodwork, or carpentry, is a craft that has been around for thousands of years and across all cultures. The ability to take pieces of wood and shape them and join them to create something of beauty or purpose is something that attracts many people including the children here in Huili Nursery.

This is only one of the many reasons we have children take part in woodwork at Huili Nursery. Another vital aspect is the development of language that it helps nurture. Children need to listen carefully to teachers, following instructions, picking up new vocabulary and asking questions. The language of planning and evaluating comes naturally with woodwork and we are able to encourage children to use this in both English and Chinese.

Woodwork also helps develop a wide range of mathematical skills. As well as the obvious use of length, children can practice counting, pattern, shape recognition and weight all through well prepared woodwork activities.

In Huili we spend a lot of time focusing on the Huili Values and Huili Identity. Woodwork is a wonderful medium for fostering many of these. By giving children tools we are developing children’s independence and responsibility. By giving them set guidelines on how to stay safe, we are teaching them to respect safety rules. By allowing them to access this ancient and beautiful craft, we are allowing them to be individuals and explore their own creativity.

We hope that you are as inspired by woodwork as we are, and we are sure that in the future many of you will get to celebrate the wonderful creations your children bring home.