The Week Ahead 20161130

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas………….

Festive cheer was brought to the setting this week by a team of willing volunteers who hung baubles, decorated the tree, laid out the presents, arranged the reindeer, made a snowstorm, and added more than a hint of sparkle to life at Wellington College Bilingual Shanghai. The reaction from the children was one of wonder and joy, just as we had hoped. This was, of course for them and our Wellington families to embrace a little British tradition.

The Week Ahead – Wednesday 30th November 2016

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year. It is a time to be with family and friends, to celebrate togetherness, decorate a tree, hang stockings, exchange small gifts, sing carols and festive songs. It is a time for reflection and relaxation. For me, it is about cherishing magical moments together with those I love, making memories and eating one too many mince pies! The smells of Christmas are citrusy clementine mixed with spices (cinnamon and nutmeg) and a hint of Frankincense. Fresh pine trees, hot chocolate for the children and mulled wine for the adults, so evocative of my childhood; when snow fell and we huddled around the fire to get warm after building snowmen and having snowball fights outside.

To bring a little extra festive cheer to the setting, we held our first Winter Market at Wellington College Bilingual Shanghai. I must convey my sincerest gratitude to our Wellington College Parents Representatives who brought 40 vendors together in an event which was enjoyed by the pupils, staff, parents and members of the wider community.

The Week Ahead – Wednesday 30th November 2016

From handmade soaps and candles, specialist clothing and Qipao, to handmade jewellery and scarves, cupcakes, wine, sweets and treats, we were thoroughly spoiled at the range of delights on offer. With refreshments including grilled barbeque, steak, juice and milkshakes, the atmosphere was truly magic. We hope that the Winter Market will grow annually and will become a recognised Wellington College event not only for our families, but for the wider Shanghai community. Until next year, if you would like to experience a little festive spirit, there are lots of Christmas markets around Shanghai over the coming weeks (

Autumn Term is almost over.

Who would have thought the time would pass this quickly? The settling-in sessions of August 2016 are but a distant memory and Wellington College Bilingual Shanghai has become something tangible. There is a strong sense of our Wellington College identity and culture, belonging and partnership. We are surrounded by happiness; happy pupils, happy staff, happy parents and families. It has been a genuine pleasure to watch the children become Wellington pupils, every step of their journey observed keenly by the team who support them and facilitate their learning by presenting appropriate opportunities and also by allowing them to find their own. This involves full use of the learning spaces within the setting and throughout the winter, we will continue to use the outdoor learning spaces. To this end, it is imperative that all pupils wear the correct uniform.

The Week Ahead – Wednesday 30th November 2016

EY1 pupils should be in PE kit each day. This comprises a PE top, PE trousers and PE jacket which are adequate for the indoor spaces. We have the rooms controlled to a temperature which is optimal for indoor spaces. Should you feel an extra layer is necessary, please do add a long sleeved thermal (thin layer, not thick) under the PE top in black, white or orange. I would ask that parents and families do not add thick layers underneath the PE clothing, as pupils are getting too hot. When the pupils go outside, they will wear their outdoor clothing – please do ensure that you talk to the class teachers so that you know exactly what is required.

EY2 and 3 pupils should wear the specified winter uniform. Again, if an additional layer is required, please do add one thin thermal layer under the long-sleeved polo. As above, on gym / physical play days, please do wear the appropriate PE kit. Appropriate outdoor clothing will be required to allow the pupils to fully enjoy learning opportunities. Again, please do ensure that you talk to the class teachers so that you know exactly what is required.

A note to remember:

Friday 16th December is the last day of term. On this day, we ask that pupils wear their very smartest and prettiest party clothes. We will be having a visit from a rather special friend who will be bringing a little festive treat for the pupils in all classes. The children will also have a magical message which will be sent to their parents over that weekend – please ensure that you check your WeChat!

Three Wishes!

Here at Team Bilingual we have three wishes for 2017 and we are asking our Wellington College families to support us in achieving these:

The Week Ahead – Wednesday 30th November 2016

Why are we asking for your help?

Wish number 1 allows the pupils to feel comfortable in all areas of the setting, whether indoors or outdoors. In addition to this, we like our Wellingtonians to look smart as they form part of our identity.

Wish number 2 promotes independence in the pupils. We love to see the children coming through the doors on a morning ready for a day of exploring. Better still, we love to see them walking independently without the need to be carried.

Wish number 3 supports active learning. We learn best on a morning when we are fresh from a good night’s sleep. Curriculum time starts at 08:30 and it is important that pupils don’t miss out on valuable learning opportunities.

Please do feel free to talk this through with the class teachers or pop in and see Yuki and I – we are always happy to help. I thank you, in anticipation of your help and support.