Our mission and vision lie at the heart of everything that we do, believe and promote. We have faith in our ethos; as a team of like-minded, forward thinking early years practitioners, we feel passionate about facilitating each and every individual child’s development, growth and learning in an environment specifically designed to meet their needs.

Our Vision and Mission


As early years educators, we appreciate that every child is a unique and able learner from birth. The heart of our vision is to ensure that Huili Nursery Shanghai is a leading and inspirational early years’ education provider. It is our desire to afford every child the opportunity of growth and fulfilment in an environment which imbues the Huili values of kindness, courage, integrity, respect and responsibility.

Huili Nursery Shanghai represents a marriage of traditional values and current, evidence-based practice from the UK and China. Using a curriculum designed to deliver education through provocation and purposeful play, we promote recognised areas of leaning and development, offering each child their own, meaningful learning journey. We know that excellent early years education provides children with an increased chance of success in school and later in life, thereby contributing to creating a society where opportunities are abundant. We believe that our educational experience affords pupils the opportunity to become a true Huili pupil: individual, intellectual, independent, inclusive and inspired.


As a forward thinking, dynamic team of early years educators it is our mission to ensure that all pupils at Huili Nursery Shanghai receive an educational experience which is:


Pupils will grow and develop around a play-based model of learning rooted in the Huili values and identity in a context which is meaningful and fulfilling to each unique individual.


We apply the latest evidence-based practices for early childhood development and education that are embedded in the philosophy of intended and provoked learning, with the Huili values and identity at the heart of practice.


Children learn best when they are surrounded by meaningful learning opportunities. Learning spaces which are age- and stage-appropriate are used indoors and outdoors and are adapted to the meet the children’s preferences, thereby maximising ownership of the learning journey.


Like young children, early years education evolves and improves constantly. We continually rise to this exciting challenge, maintaining momentum and delivering current best practice whilst preserving the highest quality in educational service provision.


We believe that all children have the right to a well-planned, fun and holistic education. How Early Years education is delivered has a life-long impact on how learning is viewed and whether it is valued. To this end, we understand that by taking an evidence-based framework, we afford every child the very best in intended learning opportunities. These opportunities are designed to be meaningful to every learner, promoting individual strengths, extending learning and supporting development where necessary.

Children love to play, it is a well acknowledged fact. Learning through purposeful play requires every early years practitioner to understand what each child requires to develop holistically. Too much focus on pure academics results in adults without the necessary social skills and emotional intelligence to operate as part of a social group and in the wider community. Team-playing skills, effective communication, appreciation of characteristic strengths, thinking outside of the box, resilience and seeing the world through others’ eyes are skills which fundamentally need to be developed in the early years. We see this as our ultimate goal; to take young children and form them into accepting, social, developed, well-rounded members of a wider social setting. We wish the pillars of the Huili values and identity to underpin their character, so that they in turn, promote these in others

Successful early years education is no easy task. To be able to plan for purposeful play, you need a strong vision of what you believe in and what meaning it holds to a child at each stage of their development and what you wish children to acquire from every intended learning opportunity. This needs to be supported by a rigorous assessment method which can evidence each child’s journey and progression in learning and skills development.

When early years education is delivered correctly it looks effortless and this is exactly how it should look. Practitioners should be seen to be smiling and enjoying the experiences as much as the children. The children form strong bonds of attachment to the adults in the setting and there is a seamless transition from home, with the setting becoming a home away from home. In addition, parents feel part of the Huili family and have a desire to support the Huili community as it evolves.

Are you ready to support this?

You are considering Huili Nursery Shanghai because you wish to offer your child the very best start on their educational journey. You know that Huili is steeped in tradition and offers an exceptional education. You would like to be a part of that Huili family, and we would be delighted to welcome you. Your child will be thrilled at our setting; they will engage in meaningful learning opportunities and will start a journey that takes them to places only they can imagine (and they will!).

Are you ready to embark on this journey with them?
Through our thematic curriculum, you will see that we do things differently. We ask you to trust that we are doing the best for your child. We ask that you acknowledge that the reason you have made this choice is because you view the world differently too. You understand and appreciate that we need more than a basic focus on academics.

This is early years; this is the time to get it right for your child. This is the time, before your child enters school, that the focus should be on forming the characteristics of effective learning. This is the time to consider how they can play (and eventually work) alongside people from all walks of life, appreciating those with strengths in other areas to their own and acknowledging those who may need a little help to figure it out. The world is a melting pot of wonder; a geographically mobile society who get the most from life when they can adapt, accept and appreciate. We’d like to help make a start with you and your child.



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