Huili Nursery Shanghai’s catering is provided by Aden – a food service company with 20 years’ experience. Aden operate from an onsite kitchen which is located directly adjacent to the dining hall.

All pupils are required to eat Nursery lunches, except for those who have special reasons, such as religious or medical reasons. Any reason for not being able to eat Nursery lunches will require official documentation and permission from the Headmaster. Pupils in Early Years 4 will have lunch in the dining hall, collecting food on trays from a service line. Pupils in Early Years 3 will eat in the dining hall with lunch being served at the table. Pupils in Early Years 1 and 2 will have lunch in their classrooms. All snacks are provided by the setting – Huili Nursery Shanghai is a nut free setting and therefore foods containing nuts are not permitted.


The lunch fees can be settled either annually or termly that is paid directly to the Nursery on behalf of Aden. Upon payment being made to the Nursery, a credit is registered for the pupil and attendance will be taken every day for lunch consumption.

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