Healthcare Centre

Healthcare Centre

To ensure the safety and wellbeing of all our pupils and staff, we have an equipped healthcare centre located near the Reception area. The healthcare centre is staffed by our qualified nurses. Prior to your child starting at the Nursery, you must have completed and returned the medical form detailing any allergies or illnesses that your child may have. The healthcare centre will manage all injuries and illnesses but sometimes we need to contact the pupil’s parent or guardian so it is vital that we always have your current contact details.

If your child becomes ill during the day, you will be contacted and asked to collect your child. If your child has sustained a minor injury, we will contact you either by telephone or email, depending upon the severity. In more serious cases of injury that require hospital treatment we will ask you to either collect your child and take them to hospital or, if required in an emergency, for you to meet the nurse with your child at Shanghai Children’s Medical Center or  Shanghai East Hospital South Branch. If you wish for your child to be taken to a different hospital, it is the responsibility of the parent to get the child there and not the responsibility of the Nursery.



Providing a safe and healthy environment for our pupils, staff and families is our top priority at Huili Nursery Shanghai and we place great importance on this. All of our facilities on campus are equipped with reliable air filtration systems. The Honeywell air filtration systems encompass electronic air cleaners rather than the less effective lower cost filter machines.

We monitor pollution levels on a regular basis during each day, using information provided by the local authority. The AQI index is measured at several sites across Shanghai and we combine the average reading for the three sites closest to the Nursery, which are Shanghai Normal College Primary Division, Shanghai Normal University and Shanghai US Consulate to provide the most appropriate reading for the Nursery. We review the AQI at least 4 times per day. At the Nursery, we have strict measures in place that pupils and staff are permitted to do during periods when AQI ratings are high in Shanghai. These rules were developed by the Nursery to safeguard our pupils from exerting themselves during physical activities when the air quality is poor. Staff members are kept informed of changes in AQI throughout the day so that they can respond and modify their activities when necessary.

Colour indicators will be placed at all main entrances to indicate which measures are in force.