Seasons Mural | Art Week 2017

To mark Art Week 2017, we decided to commission a whole school project that would become a permanent installation within the setting. The all pupil project was brainstormed, prepped and led by our interns Yasmin Ahmed and Dalia Lister, from the UK, and our in-house art consultant, Lorna Collins.

Each pupil was invited to paint a canvas that, when hung together, would create one very large group artwork. The theme for the piece was ‘Seasons’. An artists’ studio was set-up especially for the event where the children could immerse themselves in the project with the help of music and mood boards with seasonal photos to give inspiration for their paintings.

Pupils had a variety of tools to choose from when creating their work, including paint brushes, stamps, rollers and stencils with a palette of colours appropriate for the season they were painting. The pupils thoroughly enjoyed experimenting with the different methods of applying paint and creating patterns, showing concentration and determination to work on their art piece until they were completely satisfied with it. Each pupil was very proud of their unique creation but they were also interested in the paintings displayed together as a whole when they were laid out to dry.

Every individual canvas is undoubtedly a masterpiece in its own right, that when hung together have created a wonderful piece of collaborative art.

Next time you are at the setting, please visit building A (near the EY3 classrooms) to appreciate their hard work and creativity. The installation is at the stairs between floors 1 and 2.