Emma Wang

Being awarded Shanghai Excellent Graduate of the Year, Emma graduated from East China Normal University in 2011 with a bachelor’s degree in Preschool Education. Since then, she has been teaching in Early Years. In her previous role, she had an opportunity to get involved in developing a textbook as part of The Twelfth Five-Year Plan series textbooks for National Pre-school Education. This book, namely The Professional Ethics of Nursery Teachers, later won the prize of High Quality Textbooks developed by universities based in Shanghai.

While working with children, Emma focuses on helping them build good habits from an early age because it has a more important and lasting impact on children than any cognitive skills. She believes that children are more likely to be influenced by parents than by the education they receive at nursery, therefore she strives to engage parents as partners in each child’s learning journey.

Emma has always been interested in all kinds of musical instruments. She likes going outdoors to enjoy the natural world and spending time with her children, making sweet and happy memories.