Inês Oliveira

Inês joined the team in 2019 whilst she was undertaking her QTS and immediately felt a sense of belonging with the nursery. Graduating with a Bachelor degree in sport, Inês has now been in teaching for nine years, three of which have been in China. Sports (particularly volleyball) and travel are her passions, and outside of work, she tries to do both as much as possible. Inês considers travelling as a great opportunity to learn about other cultures and expand her perspective of the world. She also spends some of her spare time reading and listening to music. When asked about her aspirations, Inês explained: Professionally speaking, I hope to continue and develop my career as a teacher and make a difference to our pupils’ lives, helping as much as I can in their physical development as well as their individual personal growth.

And here is something you won’t know about her – at age 14, Inês was a National Champion at volleyball (doubles).