Luke Jones

Hailing from Swansea in Wales, Luke has always had a keen passion in fitness and sport, especially rugby. Though after having brief periods with semi-professional and professional clubs, he decided to use his Bachelors in Primary Education from Trinity College Carmarthen to explore the world.

This is where the China chapter began and 8 years later he still resides in Shanghai. Luke has taught at international primary schools and international kindergartens but is immensely excited to begin teaching within the nursery at Huili.

Having been in many different learning settings he has gained a real appreciation for the development of the whole child. The impact that music, art, physical play and the role of the adults in the classroom is vitally important to how children develop an understanding of their surroundings. Luke sees the first years of a child’s education as the most influential that they will experience. How a child views their position in the world, the way they engage with their peers and continued enthusiasm for learning are all vitally important factors in becoming a successful and healthy member of society.

In his spare time Luke enjoys being fit and active, whilst also having a passion for watching live music. His personal goals for this year are to reach HSK Level 3 and to travel as much as possible.