Nicola Street

Nikki Street has been part of Wellington College China since the opening of Wellington College International Shanghai in August 2014.  She taught Year 1 at the International School for 2 years and is currently an EY3 English Teacher and the SCITT Co-ordinator at Huili Nursery Shanghai.

After completing a BA in International Relations and French at the University of Exeter, Nikki returned to Berkshire where she completed her Graduate Teacher Program with Reading University.  Whilst teaching Year 3 in a large local primary school, Nikki shared her love of dance with her students, preparing groups for competitions and shows.  It was during these experiences that she realised the importance of education outside of the classroom, when seeing quieter children come alive on stage.

She firmly believes that the key to a positive and enriching educational experience is the development of a child’s sense of self.  Through promoting a child’s physical, emotional and social wellbeing and giving young children the freedom to explore and develop at their own pace, they are far more likely to become confident, inspired and resilient individuals – something that we want for all of the children in our care.