Paula Zimmerman

Paula Zimmerman joined us this year from a well-known nursery in Shanghai. With a Bachelor degree in Law (LLB), TEFL and PGCE Paula has used her teaching skills over the last five years in Thailand, Hong Kong and most recently China. Paula explains, ‘My degree is in Law and I originally aspired to be an Attorney, but after a year teaching English in Thailand (on what was supposed to just be a gap year) I realised my potential as a teacher and I’ve never looked back’. Outside of work, Paula enjoys yoga, reading, travelling and exploring as much as possible. Travelling is a big passion of Paula’s and she feels that there are still so many places to visit in China and Asia. Her aspiration is to continue her teaching journey abroad and further her teaching qualifications. Paula hopes to be living in Shanghai for a long time to come and to support life in China, she is slowly but surely working on her Mandarin.