Vivian He

Vivian grew up in Shanghai and graduated from East China Normal University with a major in primary education and modern languages. She was voted “Excellent Teacher” of the Pu Dong New District area in 2004.

With more than 14 years’ experience teaching children aged nursery through year one at a Shanghai international school, Vivian has an in-depth knowledge of  the EYFS curriculum. She also has a very good understanding of the importance of allowing children to follow their interests and scaffolding children’s learning.

Vivian aims for excellence in her teaching, using her abilities to motivate and inspire others, inject warmth into her teaching practice and create harmonious, challenging and rewarding environments for children. The thing she enjoys most is seeing how much progress children can make during such a short time.

Vivian has found pupils enjoy greater successes in learning when activities are delivered in highly creative ways. A highlight in her career is the publishing of her article, “How to find Creative Potential in Activity”.  In this article, she highlights the need for teachers to plan for learning rather than teaching, and to value the many ways children can engage with new concepts in the classroom.

Vivian loves travelling with her family to experience different cultures.