William Green

William Clifton Green is from Charleston, South Carolina in the United States. He has been living in China for the past six years with his wife (Lei), daughter (Destiny) and son (Owen). He has 14 years of teaching and researching experience in Japan, China, and America in elementary, preparatory, universities, professional training, and international schools.

William’s area of specialization has been in the field of Educational leadership, English language teaching, and psychology. He has a Master’s degree from Columbia University in TESOL/Applied Linguistics and a teaching certification from Washington D.C. and currently completing his doctoral degree in Educational Leadership at Drexel University.

Overall, William favours a more eclectic approach to language teaching, learning, and syllabus design. He believes that designing a syllabus should be, first and foremost, learner centered. As such, he believes that learners must be provided with the opportunity to develop their autonomy and must interact interdependently with teachers and fellow students in order to enjoy the benefits of a learner centered syllabus.

William is a language learning enthusiast. He has passed the level 5 HSK (Chinese proficiency exam) and intends to take the level 6 next year. He has also passed the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. As a language teacher, he believes that learning languages gives him insight into the learning process and helps him connect and empathize with his students.