We Are Thinkers!

Every year on 22 February countries around the world take part in World Thinking Day. Started in 1926 by the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts, the goal of World Thinking Day is to foster understanding about how other people live and appreciating those differences.

This year Wellington College Bilingual Shanghai not only joined in World Thinking Day but we made it a full week with a focus on the theme ‘We Are Thinkers’.


This week EY1 enjoyed a range of activities to celebrate ‘We Are Thinkers’ week.

Pupils focused on age related problem solving with tasks such as how to take care of their clothing through different activities and fun games like ‘Shoe Mountain’.

They also practised stacking, balance and counting with a variety of objects that allowed them to compare sizes, colours and see whose tower was the highest.


For this week’s theme, ‘We Are Thinkers’, EY2 are problem solvers. Throughout the week the children will be presented with a range of problems and materials with time and guidance to examine them.

They are exploring blending colours to make rainbows, measuring and moving water beads, building towers with cups and cards, as well as building bridges to help their animals across the river.

They also began their first steps towards phonics with focused listening, thinking about the sounds of the world around them.


This week in EY3 on English days pupils are thinking about‘same’and‘different’.

They are reading the story ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’ by Oliver Jeffers and using it to talk about their favourite colours and to create their own crayon box full of self-portraits. When completed, this will show that the pupils can work together and be a team, even though they are all different.

In their independent activities, the children are working on their problem solving skills – finding ways to transport sand from one container to another and helping some animals cross a bridge.

On Chinese days for ‘We Are Thinkers’ week, EY3 pupils are looking at and comparing photos of Shanghai from the past and modern days, encouraging them to think about changes that happen over time. The Wellington Values of Kindness and Respect are being used to teach children how to be caring people with good manners.

From the story of Kongrong and an ancient poem that sympathises with farmers, children are learning to be humble and respectful as well as learning to share and cherish. EY3 pupils gained a deeper understanding of these Values on Tuesday when they had time to play with the EY1 children, allowing them to take the lead in caring for and interacting with the younger pupils during play.