Welcome from the Master

Principal’s Welcome

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to Huili School Shanghai. As the founding Principal, I aim to establish Huili School Shanghai as the leading education provider in China and beyond.

Following years of working in international schools and involvement in setting up a bilingual school, it has always been my dream to build a top-ranking school for Chinese families embedded in the heritage of western and eastern culture with the wellbeing of pupils at its core. Our pupils will acquire a good knowledge of Chinese traditions and the wider world. They will be prepared with essential knowledge and skills for university study and will grow into adults embodying Huili identities of being inspired, intellectual, independent, individual, and inclusive.

Huili School Shanghai represents a marriage of eastern and western practices and philosophies within the framework of the Chinese national curriculum. The heart of our curriculum is to nurture pupils holistically using rigorous framework designed to ensure high standard educational provision across all subjects. The Huili wellbeing program is in place to support the physical, social, and emotional development of all. Through demonstrating the Huili values of courage, integrity, respect, kindness and responsibility in every corner of the campus, we expect our pupils grow into lifelong learners who can fully achieve their potential and be ready for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in an ever-changing world.

The location of Huili School Shanghai in the New Bund area in Pudong has given us great advantages in attracting the most talented team of educators from within China and abroad. We believe that their expertise and experience will ensure the provision of the top-quality education which the school sets out to achieve.

A proud tradition, educating for the future. We will continue holistic practices to foster the creation of Chinese pupils with global vision in the context of the integration of eastern and western cultures. We will remain diligent in our efforts to achieve this goal.

We sincerely welcome parents and children who share our vision to join the Huili family and embark on this inspiring journey.

Stella Zhou

Master of Huili Shanghai