“The co-curricular activities programme (CCA) is integral to our Huili identity and values. Our vision is to educate the whole child and the CCA programme helps us to achieve this. Children will have the opportunity to try new activities and discover new talents. These activities could be art-based, sporting, or indeed anything else that sparks the children’s imagination. They are fun and will complement the learning undertaken in class. Every child will have and should grasp the opportunity to take part fully in our Huili experience.”

Paul Jackson-Read, Head of Primary


Co-Curricular Activities Programme

In order to provide a truly holistic education, Huili offers a variety of Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs) to extend learning on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays in addition to our well-planned daily learning schedule.

Pupils can choose to explore new sports, artistic pursuits, or even develop new academic skills and cultural appreciation through the CCA programme. Each CCA is designed to allow each individual child to discover where their strengths and passions truly lie, deepening their enjoyment of each chosen activity while improving their aptitude for it.

Expeditions and Trips

It is important that teaching and learning opportunities are maximised both on and off campus. Our staff carefully organise highly relevant, educational and enjoyable trips, including outdoor camping and hiking and subject-related trips. Trips include visits in and out of Shanghai, within and beyond China.

At least two trips per year are arranged to meet the needs of each grade level, giving all our girls and boys the chance to explore and experience the wider world.

Our close partnership with Wellington College in England provides us with a range of visits and activities. During their time at the school, pupils may have the opportunity to visit the College and its affiliated Primary school, Eagle House, spending time with their peers in England and travelling across the country.

Pupils have the chance to explore beautiful rivers, mountains and places of historical significance within China, as well as abroad. This is an important and extremely valuable feature of the Huili curriculum. These excursions and trips are usually undertaken as part of various academic activities, such as the World Scholars’ Cup, the Model United Nations and the World Leadership Programme. Trips are also used to help pupils to develop leadership skills or extend their learning beyond curriculum.


Enrichment at Huili School Shanghai comes in many forms, whether it is our sports and arts programmes, our commitment to cultural pursuits or simply the range of clubs and activities we offer on a daily basis. We also provide a packed calendar of social, sporting, academic and artistic events throughout the year, including Arts Week, Culture Week, various inter-school football and swimming competitions, an expansive range of house competitions, dance events and the Voice of Huili competition, to name only a few.

Pupils are encouraged to discover and follow their passions and intellectual interests with the supporting resources, teaching teams and activities available to them. This is the fundamental purpose of our enrichment programme. By encouraging all pupils to engage in activities beyond the classroom, we hope that they will develop a breadth of interests and skills, which in turn will benefit their development both personally and academically.

We strive to challenge, inspire and motivate every pupil to become the best version of themselves.