“Every pupil is unique with special talents, interests and goals. The aim of our curriculum is to inspire them to discover their greatest potential. They will learn a variety of subjects in an environment that gives them pastoral care and supports them to pursue their dreams. Our team strives to achieve excellence in teaching to allow all pupils to excel in their future lives.”

Stella Zhou, Master

Education Model

Huili school Shanghai offers a 12-year education covering Primary School, Junior High and High School. The primary and secondary curriculum has been carefully crafted by educational specialists within Huili, supported by a wide range of Chinese and international experts. Our aim is to foster the talents of each pupil in our care by instilling a deep sense of intellectual curiosity, moral integrity and wellbeing. Based on the Shanghai curriculum, set within a bilingual immersion environment, the curriculum develops a deep understanding of the Chinese heritage and culture while establishing the aptitudes and skills pupils need to become successful global citizens.

The Huili identity and values drive both the design and implementation of our curriculum. With pastoral care at its core, the curriculum aims to encourage both physical and psychological wellbeing in our pupils. It builds not only a strong knowledge of Chinese language and culture, but also emphasises English language acquisition, which is enabled across multiple subjects and co-curricular activities, as well as dedicated English study sessions.

Chinese, mathematics and humanities are taught by Chinese teachers. All other areas of learning are taught either in English or Chinese, with teachers working closely together to ensure a seamless link between the two languages. Designed to ensure a strong connection across all areas of learning, the curriculum strives to equip all our pupils with a spirit of innovation, an ability to implement ideas and the resilience to maintain their personal wellbeing. This combination of capabilities is designed to help them develop the study skills and strategies that are necessary for a lifelong love of learning.