Parents as Partners

Parents are the first and most important influence on their child’s development and future outcomes. The interactions that take place in the home environment have more influence on a child’s future achievement than innate ability or material circumstances. Seeking to engage parents in pastoral care and school life as much as possible, Huili School Shanghai values the role of parents and families in children’s development.

Choosing an education for their child has always been an important decision for Chinese families. Parents entrust their child to us and we, in return, need to ensure that we actively engage with them. Parents choose to enrol their child at the school because they believe in our philosophy and share the same values. Our parents value the Huili Identity and desire this end result of a Huili education for their children.

Successful education requires a three-way commitment of school, parents and pupils. Therefore, we view parents as close partners and members of the Huili family, and we desire to ensure that they feel the same strong sense of belonging as our pupils and staff. Huili is a community, whose success will largely rely on all three groups working together to achieve the mutually desired goals for your children and our pupils.