Huili School Shanghai has a uniform policy which all pupils and parents need to adhere to. We believe that our school uniform promotes a sense of pride in our school and solidarity between pupils. School uniforms are expected to fit the pupil appropriately, be cleaned on a regular basis, and cannot deviate from the style and colour choices. All pupils are required to wear a uniform and are expected to be smart, tidy and business-like in their school attire and to take pride in their personal appearance.

Our uniform is different for winter and summer time; pupils should therefore adhere to seasonal requirements. Parents, guardians, carers, staff and the pupils themselves all have a role to play in observing the spirit of the uniform policy.

Download here the clothing details for each grade:


All uniform items and accessories are now available for order through the online school uniform shop. Parents should receive their activation code by email, if you have any problem logging in, please contact services.hss@huilieducation.cn. Uniform purchase and collection will be available at the school’s uniform shop, one week before the school’s start.


The uniform shop is open Monday to Friday during term time. Hours of opening are as below:

Monday: 13:30-17:00

Tuesday: 08:15-12:00

Wednesday: 08:15-12:00

Thursday: 08:15-12:00

Friday: 13:30-17:00

Contact number: 31775088-5119